A Natural Selection Project 2014

A Natural Selection Project, 2014.
National Botanic Gardens, Dublin.
An exhibition from 100 members of the Graphic Art Studio.

National Botanic Gardens Dublin

Graphic Studio Dublin have commissioned a fabulous collection of 100 new fine art prints by 100 artists. Each print is inspired by different aspects of the National Botanic Gardens Dublin and at Kilmacurragh. This ambitious project is a fundraising initiative to support the Graphic Studio Dublin. The images are stunning in their range and breadth. Each is printed on a specific weight and type of paper, and the images range from botanical records, to remarkable conceptual works, each exploring the timeless link between botany and art.

Printmakers from all over Ireland, North & South, as well as international artists from Poland, Finland, Japan, Germany, New Zealand, UK, Israel, Holland, and Sweden have contributed to this unique project in their own individual way. All participating artists have agreed to allow their work to be purchased at a very low special price, enabling our visitors to own a beautiful work of art for just €100. Every print is limited to an edition of 100. The Graphic Studio Gallery has a folder of Botanic prints which are selling well, contact Paula Kennedy through the Graphic Studio Gallery. www.anaturalselectiongsd.com


Ceannbhan, 1/100

I responded to the invitation to participate in the above project by visiting the Botanic gardens in Glasnevin, Dublin. There I was particularly struck by the area representing different landscapes throughout Ireland. I chose the bog cotton plant to represent the western landscape and because there was a beautiful crop of the plant on the bog that year near where I live. I was able to walk the bog at different times of the day and make a collection of photographs and sketches. I also discovered it has been used in the production of paper and candle wicks in Germany, and was used as a feather substitute in pillow stuffing in Sweden and Sussex, England. In Scotland, during World War I, it was used to dress wounds.

I made a print using two copperplates to produce the 'Ceannbhan' print on acid free paper. So far the exhibition has travelled to many venues and will continue until the end of this year, below are some of the galleries where the show has been seen.

Sketchbook for Ceannbhan


May 2015
The Blue House Gallery, Schull, Co. Cork, Ireland

April 2015
Norden Ljus (Northern Lights), Stockholm, Sweden

September 2014
Konstforum, Norrkoping, Sweden

June 2014
The Hamilton Gallery, Sligo

June 2014
Royal Dublin Society, Ballsbridge, Dublin, Ireland

April 2014
Galleri Astley, Uttersberg, Sweden

March 2014
The Lavit Gallery, Cork, Ireland

December 2013
Greenacres Gallery, Wexford, Ireland

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