This series continues  to explore marine life and using the photo intaglio print technique the three ' jellyfish' capturing their diverse beautiful forms.

Bogán 111 and Bogán were commissioned for a show in Lavit Gallery where the artists responded to  a word from a list  of Irish words chosen by Machán Magan, I chose 'Bogán' which means - the egg before the yolk.

Prints 6&7 were part of a show in Graphic Gallery Dublin 'Strumpet City'

I chose linocut as the medium most suited in my opinion to represent two maps of inner city Dublin. The prints ‘Take up your Cross and follow Me’ and ‘I sometimes despair of this city of ours’ are linocuts with letterpress mounted on Japanese paper. I created two prints in an edition of 15.They are maps based on two different locations in the north inner city where a lot of the narrative in the book 'Strumpet City'  by James Plunkett takes place and where the hospitals, prisons and asylums were then situated.