'Diver in Panagea' video installation & soundscape by Frieda Meaney: 2022

'Medusae Lunae': video 2.44 mins looped:  Frieda Meaney: 2021


Sound: untitled_suite_mov_2: music composition Jonathan Higgins .

'Sobre Mesa' (first of the Fantasy Dinner series)

'Sobre Mesa' video and soundscape by Frieda Meaney 2021

'Sobre Mesa means the time spent around the table after dinner talking to the people with whom you shared the meal'

This is a project I worked on over the lockdown period when I was missing people and came up with a wishlist of guests I would invite to dinner if I could! It was inspired by Bob Dylan selling all his archives and I wondered what would he do with the money and I thought of all these people who could suggest ways to help him put it to good use.

Special thanks to contributors, listed in order of seating and matched with placemat designed by Frieda Meaney › products › placemat-series

Bob Dylan : Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Louis Theroux : Helena Bonham Carter
David Attenborough : Laurie Anderson
John Kelly : Ailbhe Ní Bhrian
Fergal Mc Carthy : Edna O Brien

Tablescape by Frieda Meaney in Ardgroom Beara Co. Cork. Ireland


The soundscape was composed using recordings made by Tom Lawrence of the underwater sounds of water beetles and other water bugs in Pollardstown Fen, Co.Kildare.

Each of these water insects are known to produce sound through a process called stridulation.

In Search of Lost Worlds 1

Filmed in Aquariums in  Kiel & Hamburg by Frieda Meaney

Screenprinted structures by Frieda Meaney

Sound: Tom Laurence : Pollardstown Fen, Co.Kildare

2015: Screening : Lavit Gallery, Wandesford Quay, Cork Ireland